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't go all the way to the defensive end of the spectrum. we do like health care. we do like technology. we do like financial. so it's a little bit of a mix. but we're not out there telling any of our investors to be hero heroes. >> do you buy gold? >> i agree that the fed is probably going to keep the pedal to the metal. we may see an expiration that they add to qe3 or whatever you want to call it and maybe buy up those purchases. >> i hear both of you saying that. brian says buy gold. you know. thank you for that. now folks, walmart in the news tonight taking action against the retail workers union for generating flash mobs and picket lines at the stores. the national labor relations board is getting involved and calling this a top priority. we're going to get you updated but before that, now let's look closer at the optimism about a fiscal cliff deal. is it a real deal? all right. baker, i'll start with you. i'm not sure where you are. but, president obama has made it very clear. he wants 1.6 trillion dollars of new revenues over the next ten years. okay. i would argue in order to ge
the reserves, no question we have the reserves. in the ground today. number two, we have the technology to get the reserves out of the ground. and number three, we have the money to pay for it. >> right. >> capital exists. >> will the capital be spent? i want to go back. i want to backtrack because i know you are so good at this. with you l the capital be -- so far it has been invested. is that fair? >> it has been invested on private lands, private property owners giving up mineral rights under state permits but something is about to change. that everybody needs to be mindful of. we are about to arrest all of this oil field development when the epa completes their long awaited three-year stud, started at 2010. and it is due in january. to essentially remand the states from taking the variable approach they take on fracking and hydraulic to put a consistent epa knows best policy in place. >> despite the fact we have known this regulation was coming but keep postponing and postponing it. what you are saying is they decided to postpone it after the election, number one and number two, the epa kn
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2